OMEGALLIANCE Group among TOP 15 best AVEVA partners worldwide

OMEGALLIANCE Group among TOP 15 best AVEVA partners worldwide

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21.05.2020 MAINTEX
OMEGALLIANCE Group among TOP 15 best AVEVA partners worldwide

Today AVEVA is one of the leading developers of corporate-level digital solutions for industrial enterprises. The AVEVA portfolio includes solutions for all capital-intensive industries, i.e. for the “real” sector of economy. Each of AVEVA's solutions is aimed at increasing operational efficiency at a certain phase of production process, and the whole range of solutions provides for effective management of production assets throughout the entire life cycle — from design to operation.

The AVEVA business model assumes company-wide accumulation of unique expertise on best manufacturing practices and their implementation via its digital solutions. Certified partners with significant practical experience, knowledge of the specifics of production processes and expertise in AVEVA solutions are responsible for application of these practices and implementation of AVEVA solutions for customers. One such AVEVA partner in the region of Russia and the CIS is OMEGALLIANCE Group of companies. Over the past three years, AVEVA and OMEGALLIANCE have worked closely and invested heavily in promoting AVEVA solutions in the Russian market. As a result of this cooperation, a number of projects were launched at large manufacturing enterprises and today these projects bring significant economic benefits to customers.

Based on the results of joint work, AVEVA awarded OMEGALLIANCE Group of companies the status of one of the best AVEVA partners worldwide in 2020. 

“We are happy to acknowledge the significant OMEGALIANCE contribution to promotion of AVEVA industrial solutions in the Russian market,” says Alexei Lebedev, CEO of Aveva LLC. “OMEGALIANCE success is our success. AVEVA engineering solutions have long and firmly taken a leading position in our market, but the product line of asset operating efficiency is just gaining popularity in Russia. We value partners such as OMEGALIANCE. They very clearly understand the specifics of Russian enterprises and the tasks they face, can quickly respond to customer requests and manage complex projects as efficiently as possible. ”

“It is a great honor for us to become one of the top 15 partners of such an IT giant as AVEVA,” commented Andrey Nadein, CEO of OMEGALLIANCE Group. “Recognition of our success stems not only from results of the work done, but also from increased interest in AVEVA solutions on the part of Russian customers. The basis of economy is manufacturing enterprises, and the basis of digital economy is high-performance digital solutions and production methods. Today, the need for such solutions and methods is higher than ever, and it is at Russian enterprises that the growth potential is huge. Therefore, combining our industry and technology expertise with AVEVA's best-in-class solutions provides a massive synergistic effect. We hope that more and more Russian enterprises will choose AVEVA solutions to increase their operational efficiency.”

OMEGALLIANCE is one of the few companies in the Russian market that is implementing highly-profitable digital solutions for industrial enterprises and conducting deep localization of business processes and training of personnel in advanced production techniques and practices. OMEGALLIANCE implements its projects using platforms that have proven their efficiency at enterprises in Russia and worldwide, bring significant economic benefits and have a high ROI. AVEVA solutions occupy a significant part in the OMEGALLIANCE solutions portfolio, since they cover all areas of company's activities: production management, production planning, capital construction management, asset performance management, predictive analytics, etc.