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OMEGALLIANCE® (Operationas Management Engineering Alliance) — group of the consulting companies in the field of Production and Operational Management. 

The group renders professional consulting services in the field of operational management: design and implementation of the organizational systems and processes providing the most effective use of materials, human resources, the equipment and production facilities in the process of production of end products or rendering services.


Distinctive feature of services of the companies of OMEGALLIANCE® group from a traditional format of consultation — emphasis on practical implementation of the developed programs of optimization that includes development of adequate administrative models on the basis of the best achievements of world operational management, their introduction in practice of work of the enterprise, training of the personnel "on places", tracking of economic effect.


Increase of efficiency of business and decrease in production and operational expenses of the enterprise through rendering highly skilled services with application of the latest administrative techniques.

The group of companies on a constant basis makes investments into development and distribution in Russia and the CIS countries of the most effective techniques of modern operational management. In work the techniques and concepts adapted for the Russian enterprises which proved the efficiency in Europe and the USA are used. The main selection criteria are: the proved efficiency in practice of work of a large number of the enterprises, applicability in the Russian conditions (possibility of adaptation), payback of application of a technique for the enterprise in the short term numerically.

Today OMEGALLIANCE® renders services in the following areas of operational management: strategic asset management (Maintex company), supply chain management (EnterChain company), manufacturing management (ExePlant). Specialists of the companies passed complex training and certification in the companies and associations which are primary sources of the corresponding techniques and concepts. All used techniques and the software supporting them are translated into Russian and finished to the level of practical applicability at the Russian enterprises.


Structures of group of companies work at the Russian market of consulting in the field of operational management more than 20 years. Thus in OMEGALLAINCE® collective there are a lot of consultants, which experience more than 10 years. Many of heads of the directions and directors of the companies began the career way with positions of consultants-trainees.