Development of project for formation of integrated planning in ILIM Group

Development of project for formation of integrated planning in ILIM Group

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23.01.2020 ENTERCHAIN

A large-scale project for developing a new method for integrated job order planning of sales, production and shipments is in full swing at the production sites of Ilim Group. By this point, the Concept of Integrated Planning and Target Processes has been created together with Enterchain which describes the interaction logic of all services involved. The requirements for planning methods and criteria, business rules and target information systems are formed. The project is cross-functional and organizationally complex, since it affects the entire production and logistics chain and the interests of all company services — from production and logistics to sales, customer service, procurement and the financial and economic unit.

The Ilim Group management recognized the need to involve more managers and experts in processes of organizational and digital transformation in order to increase the effectiveness of interaction between departments and achieve better transformations.

To accomplish this, Enterchain consultants developed the “Procedures and Processes of Integrated Planning of Sales, Production and Shipments” special training course. In accordance with the agreed training program, a series of seminars were held in December 2019 in which representatives of all services involved in the target processes took part. Among them: supply chain and customer service management, production, sales, transport and logistics, procurement, IT management, strategy.

Training such a wide range of specialists at different levels will provide a creation of unified, deep and methodically sound understanding of the company's target processes, which will contribute to the speed and quality of ongoing changes, and will increase the general level of employees' knowledge in the field of Supply Chain Management.

The training program includes both theoretical and practical parts on the following topics:

  • Losses of efficiency and imbalance of priorities in the supply chain
  • The concept, principles, goals and indicators of supply chain management
  • The structure of supply chain and integrated planning processes
  • Features of demand forecasting, sales and operations planning processes
  • IT architecture for decision-making support in SCM.
Enterchain training method involves assessing the quality of understanding of еоу acquired knowledge. According to the results of seminars, the average level of improvement was more than 30%. The theoretical knowledge, practical experience and materials obtained in the course of training would be helpful for trainees in their operational activities.
The Ilim Group intends to further evolve the positive learning experience and is going to organize another series of seminars in 2020, dedicated to a detailed review of sales, production and shipments scheduling.

Author and primary teacher of the training course: Enterchain Managing Director and current Supply Chain Management expert, Anton Shmatalyuk.