Metalloinvest perfects approach to reliability management at four sites

Metalloinvest perfects approach to reliability management at four sites

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14.01.2019 MAINTEX

In December 2018, Maintex successfully completed a set of training and practical events for Oskol Elektrometallurgical Plant, Ural Steel, Lebedinsky GOK and Mikhailovsky GOK of Metalloinvest Holding. Over 100 employees at 4 Metalloinvest enterprises attended theoretical seminars and participated in practical sessions aimed at developing new culture and approach to managing equipment maintenance by applying the principles of reliability and risk management.

During three months, Maintex specialists were following a well-planned program of training and practical events at each Metalloinvest plant. The principal emphasis was made on the basic theory of reliability management. At the same time, it was important to increase the rate of learning new information and ensure fast establishment of new processes as part of this program. That is why the training program included practical sessions with actual enterprise equipment at their core. So, for example, the following most critical systems were considered in the course of practical works on analyzing system and equipment criticality, RCM FMECA/FMEA analyses:   

  • The emulsion explosives preparation system

  • The ore degradation and processing system

  • The crushing and screening plant

  • The pellet firing system

  • The system of hot air (gas) feeding into the drying system

  • The turntable platform rotating mechanism ЭКГ-10

  • The locomotive unit НП-1

  • The steel billet continuous casting machine

  • The medium section mill train 350

  • The direct reduction plant

  • Section of the continuous billet mill

  • The electric furnace unit

  • As well as stands, the blast furnace plant, the wagon dumper, the casting machine, the hammer breaker, the electric substation, the turbocharger, the CHPP overhead leveling crane.

RCA analysis of a mill, an excavator, a locomotive unit, a stand engine, an ID fan, a reducer and rollers was performed.

To carry out RCM, FMECA/FMEA and RCA analyses, templates were used and all steps provided for in the methodology were consistently performed. As a result, recommendations for periodic and one-time actions on equipment maintenance and repairs were elaborated, and an optimized risk-oriented maintenance program was developed. Our experts performed comparative analysis of the existing and proposed maintenance strategy for the considered equipment, compared the total expenses (budget) of the existing maintenance and repairs program and the new strategy developed using reliability and risk management methods.

Now, as per Metalloinvest plans, the trained employees will immediately apply the gained knowledge in their work. It was included both into the training program and the Maintex methodology aimed at establishment of knowledge, processes and reliability function at the holding enterprises. Such approach enables an enterprise to immediately implement new methods, approaches, processes and reliability management culture into life, start reaping the entire scope of business effects and economic benefits from the initiative.