Nornickel launches dispatch system at Bystrinsky GOK

Nornickel launches dispatch system at Bystrinsky GOK

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21.12.2018 EXEPLANT

Bystrinskoye Mining Company, part of PJSC Mining and Metallurgical Company NORILSK NICKEL, has started industrial operation of the dispatch control system (ADCS) at the top level of Bystrinsky GOK. In October 2018, Exeplant completed the first stage of launching auxiliary production facilities control subsystems included into the Bystrinsky GOK ADCS. The solution Wonderware System Platform 2017 by Schneider Electric was chosen to solve complex and large-scale tasks of large mining asset dispatch control.

Bystrinsky GOK is a new Nornickel plant which required the development of a dispatch control system from scratch, applying the best corporate practices and standards. Exeplant was the chosen contractor for this task, being one of the most competent teams with extensive experience in implementing Schneider Electric products used at large production plants. Despite Bystrinsky GOK being a new Nornickel plant, it was necessary to include into the solution the principles for expansion and scaling from the beginning, solving the following main issues:

  • Increasing the process works safety
  • Automated monitoring and control over GOK auxiliary processes
  • Minimizing the need for constant personnel presence at remote sites
  • Arranging the central control panel
  • Decreasing the number of incidents and emergencies, response time and elimination terms.

So, Nornickel tried to lay down the principles of a digital plant into their new asset from the beginning. The project assumes that ADCS users will be able not only to control the production including remote and deserted sites, but also to increase the total efficiency of production processes at a modern mining and processing plant.

In the course of implementing the project, the Exeplant team faced a number of challenges. At Bystrinsky GOK, as at any site under construction, there was incomplete source data at the design stage, lack of production processes regulations and inaccuracies in describing target processes. Taking this into account, when designing the solution the most flexible scenarios and approaches were selected that made it possible to easily and quickly scale and modify the solution Wonderware System Platform depending on the evolution of business requirements to production processes control and ADCS.

Another peculiarity of the project was data integration and collection from numerous lower level PCSs by various vendors. Wonderware System Platform is a modern and flexible solution that enabled solving those tasks, standardizing information from different sources both at the data display and storage levels.

Today ADCS covers three classes of systems: power supply facilities control PCS, water supply facilities control PCS and manufacturing execution system (MES). In future, balanced scaling of the solution and including new solutions and functions into the dispatch control system is provided for.

“By joint effort with the Exeplant team, we have completed the first stage of pre-commissioning on developing basic functions of an auxiliary production facilities control subsystem,” notes Rustam Andreyevich Gogov, Head of the project office at Bystrinskoye Mining Company. “This enabled us to ensure centralized water supply facilities control from the central dispatch station. The efficiency of production service personnel has been increased, response time to incidents and emergencies has been reduced via constant 24/7 monitoring of processes. Currently we are continuing to work on implementing the GOK ADCS, and planning to have launched the basic functions of GOK main production and power supply facilities control subsystems by the end of the year, as well as to continue deploying the MES system functions.”

Already in the short term Bystrinsky GOK experts will receive a centralized system enabling them to reach the following targets:

  • Reduce the number of incidents and emergencies and elimination terms through constant automated monitoring of plant production processes
  • Ensure accuracy and consistency of analytical reporting data
  • Ensure meeting of production targets through constant control of production indicators.

The next project stage is expanding the production dispatch functions and implementing the MES functions, as well as the business process control subsystem (based on Wonderware Skelta BPM). As a result of the implementation, GOK experts shall receive a fully functioning system of operational control which is the foundation of a modern Digital production plant.

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