Refineries of KazMunayGas transition to increased overhaul interval using Meridium APM

Refineries of KazMunayGas transition to increased overhaul interval using Meridium APM

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14.12.2018 MAINTEX

Implementation of the solution MERIDIUM APM at JSC NC KazMunayGas refineries has been completed which was another stage of the project “Transition to an increased overhaul interval by implementing leading global practices and experience in managing maintenance and repair and ensuring reliability and mechanical integrity”. The project included increasing production efficiency and profitably through increasing the overhaul interval and reducing the number of unscheduled downtimes at Atyrau Refinery and Pavlodar Oil Chemistry Refinery. All activities and projects aimed at increasing the overhaul interval were smoothly integrated into a large-scale reconstruction and modernization of production capacities.

The solution Meridium APM (GE APM) was chosen in November 2016, and already in May 2017 its implementation started as a system of centralized management of equipment reliability and mechanical integrity processes, and Maintex was chosen as the contractor to implement this system and provide related consultation services.

The following tasks were successfully completed as part of production assets management:

  • Implementation of the ЕАМ solution
  • Deployment of equipment diagnostics firmware
  • Setup and configuration of Meridium APM
  • Setup of integration flows
  • Generation of the reliability and mechanical integrity management function and related business processes
  • Phased training of employees.

During that period, a whole set of activities and subprojects was carried out, including not only setup and integration of software, but also analysis of current business processes of maintenance and repair management, their re-engineering, as well as description of new business processes for ensuring reliability and mechanical integrity, their implementation and survival. So, based on the developed business model, the solution Meridium APM (GE APM) V4 was implemented and commissioned for commercial operation. It included modules for generating a corporate risk matrix, managing maintenance strategies, inspections based on risk analysis and integration with maintenance PCS. Maintex experts configured a flexible integration solution with the EAM solution IBM Maximo. Both solutions are synchronized at the level of reference books, documents and processes and are fully prepared for integrated operation.

We should mention that KazMunayGas followed Maintex advice in full and paid special attention to training personnel at all management levels. In July 2018, Maintex organized training workshops on reliability and mechanical integrity control procedures for the management of JSC NC KazMunayGas and refineries as a part of the final stage of transitioning to an increased overhaul interval. Immediately before the solution was launched, 30 end users were trained and pilot operation of all modules was carried out with their participation. Future administrators of first line technical support were also trained. Such approach was key to mutual understanding between employees both at vertical and at horizontal levels.

“As well as increasing production safety and reliability while prolonging the overhaul interval, the aim was also set of increasing the cost efficiency of refineries operation through reducing the number and duration of scheduled shutdowns,” says Vitaly Izak, Head of the equipment reliability and mechanical integrity division at the department of oil refining. “Applying modern digital technologies and the Meridium APM solution, that enabled us to find ways to safely increase the overhaul interval while keeping a low risk level, paid an important role. Applying digital solutions made it possible to develop maintenance strategies of our equipment and quickly control their economical and process parameters which lays the foundation for further enhancement in according with business demands.”

As part of this project, the platform Meridium APM V4 that has high data processing speed was deployed on the territory of the CIS for the first time. The solution enables the use of the entire power of modern technologies to quickly develop and redevelop maintenance strategies for a huge number of pieces of equipment taking into account hundreds of restrictions and relations. That said, the new version of Meridium APM received a fully redesigned graphical interface with a focus on convenient work for end users. The employees of production facilities are already using the new tool and procedures in performing their duties.

Besides, the establishment of a corporate methodological institute (Academy) is planned to teach users the principles of equipment reliability and mechanical integrity management.

“The project at KazMunayGas is an example of precise cooperation of employees at different levels when implementing new processes, culture and tools,” comments Roman Romakhin, Maintex Executive Director, on the project completion. “All project participants on the part of the Customer were highly motivated and ready for obtaining new knowledge. This was the key factor laying the foundation for the project success. Another important feature of the project was the Customer’s openness towards new technologies and digital transformation which is already producing results and has proved economically effective in the area of asset management.”