OMEGALLIANCE at AVEVA World conference

OMEGALLIANCE at AVEVA World conference

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OMEGALLIANCE at AVEVA World conference

On April 12, 2018, OMEGALLIANCE® represented by its Business Development Director Serge Gorelenkov took part in the AVEVA World User Conference. AVEVA develops integrated IT solutions for project design, engineering and management in the oil and gas, power, chemical and ship-building industries. In cooperation, OMEGALLIANCE® and AVEVA discovered a number of opportunities for synergy of OMEGALLIANCE® production solutions and the AVEVA platform. Serge Gorelenkov spoke about prospects of the integrated solution that provides visualization of the current state and health of production assets and processes.


Production solutions by OMEGALLIANCE® Group help convert comprehensive information gained at the equipment level into real-time analytical data and then transform this data into activities. At the same time, AVEVA is a platform for central storage of multidimensional plant equipment models, documentation libraries and data from various sources. AVEVA enables systematization of large data volumes and visualization of information required to take timely management decisions. Integration of production solutions with the advanced 3D visualization platform provides an additional production analytics level aimed to improve quality and speed of information processing. A digital asset, or a digital twin, is created, the value of which increases the economic effect of integrated solutions.

In his speech, Serge Gorelenkov demonstrated various scenarios of integrated solutions application:

    • Control over the production process;
    • Multidimensional analysis of the applied technology using a static model with overlaid dynamic online information;
    • Visualization of various parameters indicating the current technical state of the assets;
    • Display of complex health asset indicators on a 3D model;
    • Optimization of plans and the sequence of large-scale works (e.g., shutdown repair) using visualization tools;
    • Ordering of spare parts and materials in accordance with design and operational documentation.

Thus, Serge Gorelenkov demonstrated how a design 3D model may be supplemented with additional production analytics levels, creating 4D and 5D online models.