First stage of OMP CSBS, corrugated board production planning and management system, deployment at JSC Proletariy successfully completed

First stage of OMP CSBS, corrugated board production planning and management system, deployment at JSC Proletariy successfully completed

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29.01.2018 ENTERCHAIN

Enterchain and JSC Proletariy have successfully completed the first, most essential and labor-intensive stage of deployment of the OMS CSBS specialized solution for planning and management of corrugated board production.

Enterchain, one of the OMEGALLIANCE® Group companies, is an authorized Russian representative of OM Partners, Belgian developer of the OMP CSBS solution.

The OMP CSBS deployment project started in June 2017 as a part of JSC Proletariy’s innovative development initiative driven by transition to digital economy, production expansion and optimization of production expenses. The integrated solution was put into pilot operation in December 2017, and now OMP CSBS is delivering substantial results at all plant management levels.

Initial preconditions for optimization of planning and production processes were as follows:

• Insufficient process automation at the shop floor level: actual production data was recorded on paper;
• Use of isolated information systems for production planning and management;
• A need to prepare brand-new equipment, the BHS 2800 corrugator, for operation;
• Prelaunch works for production of new cardboard grades on the new equipment, with optimum cutting and the minimum amount of scraps.

Now, one can confidently state that the plant has pushed production management onto a totally new level that meets current and future requirements posed by fierce competition. OMP CSBS deployment at JSC Proletariy is a vivid example how digitalization helps companies achieve new production goals, improve their competitive advantage, and expand the market for their high-quality products.

“From the very beginning, the OMP system has significantly reduced efforts for planning and cutting design, provided fast communication of plan updates to shop floor operators, and online production visualization with accurate registration of all production events: job launches, shutdowns, etc.,” Yuri Konovalenko, Project Manager from the side of JSC Proletariy, commented the stage results. “This current information has become available for analysis. In terms of planning, there is now a convenient tool for demonstrative and intuitive cutting design and job queuing for the production line. Inbuilt optimization mechanisms provide the best possible cutting and job queuing considering all technical restrictions. Thus, we have built a closed loop, from creation of an optimum feasible plan to documentation of its implementation.”

“Professional excellence of Customer’s specialists has helped implement the plan in the best possible way and achieve the set goals within the planned time span,” said Sergey Smirnov, Project Manager from the side of Enterchain. “We were able to seamlessly integrate the OMP system in the existing system landscape and synchronize it with newly implemented solutions.”

Cardboard cutting designs from OMP CSBS have helped reduce material costs. Also, the time of production plan preparation has significantly decreased, and there has been an opportunity to effectively respond to the current production situation, make timely adjustments, and execute urgent orders.
During the project, brand new devices for collection of actual performance figures were used — CMI3-Kit button units. The new version of the device has a touchscreen where the machine operator can view all relevant information.

However, this project is not only about software and hardware innovations. During the completed stage, plant employees underwent extensive training on new tools and planning methods. Employees of JSC Proletariy learned new approaches and business processes seamlessly integrated in the existing plan organizational structure. Enterchain, in cooperation with Belgian company OMP, held a number of training seminars and workshops to ensure high adjustment rate of the processes and the IT solution as well as achievement of the set goals and business effects. This project is a vivid example of international cooperation and synergy of new technologies, world best practices, and professionalism of Russian specialists.

By the next project stage, the launch of a new BHS corrugator in March 2018, two-way communication between the OMP system and the BHS corrugator controller has been established. OMP CSBS automatically sends the cutting queue along with technical parameters directly to the controller and obtains performance results. The project development plan includes integration of OMP CSBS with the Minda transport and packaging line which is going to be installed at the plant. JSC Proletariy management moves beyond the achievement, actively modernizing the company and building a truly digitalized plant.