Maintex Held Second Annual Conference on Reliability Management

Maintex Held Second Annual Conference on Reliability Management

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27.03.2017 MAINTEX
Maintex Held Second Annual Conference on Reliability Management

On March 15, Maintex held the second annual conference on reliability management for industrial companies representatives. The event tool place in Moscow and gathered in one place over 90 specialists in reliability, Maintenance and Repair department heads and other professionals.

The conference consisted of two sections: case studies and roundtable live discussion.

The first part of the conference included speeches by the representatives of the Russian companies that implement reliability management practices at their facilities. The first report was presented by Igor Sergeev, Head of the reliability team at the technical supervision department of Ryazan Oil Company. His presentation “Adaptation of Automated Reliability Control System functions taking into account oil refinery operational context. Ways of Meridium APM functions development based on Ryazan Oil Company experience” attracted the audience’s genuine interest. Igor recounted the history of asset reliability system development, described the levels of production assets management, told about the current purposes and objectives.

Denis Astashkin, Manager of the business development team at MMK, told about the implementation of process equipment reliability management methods (RCM, FMEA, FMECA) at United Service Company. The audience learned of the project creation background, selection rounds, theoretical preparation and approval by specialist.

“Corporate reliability management program at SIBUR Holding: Development history, achieved results and development directions”, was the report topic by Denis Akhmadeev, Head of industrial efficiency department. Denis described in detail purposes and objectives of the reliability management system, showed the process road map at the mid-term purposes horizon and the functional organization schedule of equipment maintenance, and also detailed the enterprise specialists functions.

Dmitri Kazantsev, Head of reliability department at Vyksa Steel Works (AO VMZ), told about the enhancement of approaches to maintenance and repair at AO VMZ.  Dmitry touched upon the reliability systems development directions, described in detail the functions of the reliability and planning specialists, told about the set of tools, showed the examples of process sheets, recounted the types of process sheets and covered many other topics. 

Special interest was drawn to the report by Maintex CEO Roman Romakhin titled “Predictive analytics and diagnostics, Big Data and IoT in production assets management. Industry specificity. Characteristic of modern approaches, comparative analysis of used models, principles of their operation. Results achieved.” The relevance of this topic today is undoubted. Roman detailed the BigData and Internet of Things concepts, predictive analytics systems, their application in asset management and the repair function efficiency increase. Roman also described in detail the application levels of modern technology and approaches in production assets management, told how to make the first steps towards reliability so that it became common practice. 

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