Rich Metals Group, EnterChain and RPMGlobal Launched Joint Project on Mine Operational Planning

Rich Metals Group, EnterChain and RPMGlobal Launched Joint Project on Mine Operational Planning

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20.10.2016 ENTERCHAIN

EnterChain, RungePincockMinarco and Rich Metals Group have launched a joint project on mine operational planning at Mandeuli and Sakdrisi deposits. The main project goals are to increase mine planning accuracy and efficiency, and to effectively generate the plant's budget.

Project objectives:

  • Geological block model adjustment and development;
  • Deposit planning model building;
  • Budgeting model building;
  • Integration of all plans into a unified planning and management environment.

"We are very pleased to be among the first companies in the region and in the former Soviet Union to launch a joint project on mine operational planning with such successful and experienced partners as Enterchain and RungePincockMinarco," Alexandr Tsaplin, Rich Metals Group CEO, comments on the project start. "It is well-known that the world's leading mining companies use the RPM software. Now Rich Metals Group is one of such companies.

I hope that the RPM software implementation into our production procedure will first of all help us save time, arrange planning much more efficiently, and, most importantly, that after implementing the software we will be able to optimize production processes. All totaled, we get an environment to make instantaneous decisions, which, in particular, allows us to minimize risks."

 "This is our first project with Rich Metals Group, and we are expecting long-term and fruitful trilateral collaboration between RMG, RPM and Enterchain," comments Anton Shmatalyuk, Enterchain CEO. "The project is designed till the end of 2016, and as its result we are expecting to witness significant business effects of the RPM software implementation. More accurate planning at deposits will allow to increase equipment use efficiency, optimize budget, ensure transparency and manageability of operational and financial indicators at all production stages."

 "We are proud of being able to introduce RungePincockMinarco products value to the project with Rich Metals Group. RMG will become the first company in Georgia to implement innovative RPM products and gain benefits from using them," says Allen Vaughn, RungePincockMinarco CEO. We hope that this project will become a solid foundation for increasing efficiency of the company's production and financial planning, optimizing performance and decreasing risks. This is a joint project with our partner Enterchain, and together we are looking forward to implementing a lot more successful projects in the region."

Within the project framework, it is planned to implement RungePincockMinarco products OPMS XPAC and Xeras Enterprise on the Enterprise Planning Framework platform.

OPMS XPAC—is a modern solution for medium- and long-term scheduling and budgeting. The solution drastically decreases time spent on operations regarding data input and adjustment, and allows flexible system configuration customized to mining plants. OPMS operates on the base of XPAC software core that has proved itself in the mining industry.

XERAS Enterprise solution is a unique Enterprise Financial Modeling system that keeps you in control of mining operations and their costs. The solution helps operations managers and financial experts to track and accurately estimate costs related to the site.