Severstal and Maintex Completed the Project for Reliability Integrated Management

Severstal and Maintex Completed the Project for Reliability Integrated Management

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15.09.2016 MAINTEX

In early 2016, Severstal and Maintex completed the project for improving the reliability of production equipment. The implemented project was aimed at solving several problems in the area of asset strategic management: from identification of critical equipment and personnel advance training to creation of a software complex for asset performance management.

At the time of the project launch, Severstal had been applying the adopted basic principles of reliability management for several years, and the SAP ТОРО platform had been successfully utilized, which was helpful for Maintex specialists in gathering the most relevant and complete information about the current state of equipment.

During the project (from 2015 till 2016), the following activities were performed:

    • Identification of critical equipment: assessment of risks related to the effects on personnel safety, environment, industrial safety, production and financial losses;
    • Practical application of RCM, FMEA, and other methodologies;
    • SAP and Meridium APM integration, including: history of maintenance/repair cost and operations, failure statistics, strategies, TOPO plans, flow charts, and points of equipment condition measuring with the use of data from mobile SAP ТОРО;
    • Identification and prediction of reliability targets on the basis of statistical data processing;
    • Development and implementation of maintenance programs and operation strategies for equipment which minimize the risks of failures;
    • Evaluation of asset management efficiency with the use of Meridium APM business analytics tools, simulation, and a system of balanced ratios based on the data from SAP ERP.

The project solved the problem of enhancing the principles of enterprise reliability and risk management by means of introducing the Meridium APM software complex, integrated with the existing SAP ТОРО solution by a multitude of parameters. Over 400 employees of Severstal became users of the Meridium APM IT tool for reliability management.

"Such a project on integrated reliability management is a unique phenomenon in our industry—it has become a flagship of integrated solutions for PAO Severstal, says Yuri Shekhovtsov, CIO at PAO Severstal, "Maintex and Meridium consultants performed in-depth adjustment and adaptation of the Meridium APM solution in line with the enterprise needs whilst establishing a solid foundation for sustainable development in the future.

The introduction of Meridium APM expands the terms of reference for PAO Severstal employees, from both methodological and process viewpoints, as a result of learning, applying, and adapting the world's best methods and practices of reliability and risk management to our day-to-day realities."

Sergei Dobrodei, Repairs Director at PAO Severstal, says: "As a result of Meridium APM introduction, we're expecting qualitative improvements in the following aspects of asset management: enhancing equipment reliability by means of constantly improving strategies of maintenance, reducing the costs of repair and maintenance scheduling, effective reallocation of resources, and hence the decrease of production risks."

One distinctive feature of the project was represented by a number of innovative solutions, which were developed in accordance with the customer's requirements:

  • Import of work history detailed up to the level of operations from ТОРО SAP ERP orders to Meridium APM for more precise analytics of scheduled activities and detailing of completed repairs;
  • Functionality expansion of the standard interface of integration between SAP ТОРО and Meridium APM in the sphere of regular exchange of information about measurement points and documents in order to form a traceable history of changes in process parameters;
  • Transferring from Meridium APM to SAP ERP of maintenance strategies or maintenance/repair programs referencing risk and reliability analysis executed in the form of ТОРО plans, ТОРО positions and routing, as well as creating measurement points on the basis of indicators of strategy efficiency;
  • Assessment of efficiency of maintenance/repair management processes for main production assets using the methods of detailed analysis and simulation based on the data from SAP ERP for all the completed activities, costs, and production losses.

The implemented project has set a qualitatively new vector of PAO Severstal development.

"We are optimistic about creating an integrated solution for reliability management in Severstal company," says Roman Romakhin, Maintex CEO. "Only a holistic approach is the basis for success. Just as it is impossible to manage only with reliability trainings and workshop sessions, it is impossible to conduct full-scale management of all reliability aspects of equipment at a large production enterprise without a modern software platform. I am sure that the inherent synergy of this project will produce significant results."

About PAO Severstal

PAO Severstal is one of the largest integrated steel production plants in the world. One of the company's advantages is its geographical location. Cherepovets, where the plant is built, is located at the confluence of three economic districts: the European North, North-West and Central part of Russia.

The customer base of the enterprise consists of over 5,000 Russian and foreign companies operating in the main industries such as construction, automotive production, fuel and power, machinery, shipbuilding, etc.

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About Maintex

Maintex, part of OMEGALLIANCE® Group, provides a full range of services in the field of asset strategy, including optimization and automation of maintenance and repair processes. Solutions developed by Maintex are based on the experience of world's largest consulting companies focusing on production asset management, adapted to the Russian market for practical application by domestic enterprises and organizations. As an official partner of Meridium, Maintex renders services related to implementing solutions for equipment reliability management in Russia and CIS countries.

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