YAMAL LNG implements asset management system together with Maintex

YAMAL LNG implements asset management system together with Maintex

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15.08.2016 MAINTEX

In May 2016, implementation of the Infor EAM 11.2 management system was launched at Yamal LNG plant, assisted by Maintex specialists. The prerequisites for the system deployment were a need for centralized and operational management of equipment maintenance and repairs at a new plant for liquefied natural gas production that is scheduled for commissioning in 2017.

About the Yamal LNG project: The Yamal LNG project is being implemented on Yamal peninsula beyond the Arctic Circle on base of South Tambey field in extreme cold conditions. Proved and possible field reserves according to PRMS standards amount to 926 billion cubic meters of gas. Within the project framework, 200 holes will be drilled, three liquefied natural gas (LNG) process lines with capacity of 5.5 million tons per year each and a huge gas terminal will be constructed, and also 16 icebreaking tankers (for the first time in the world) will be commissioned, each designed to transport 170,000 cubic meters of LNG.

Natural gas liquefaction plant will be constructed in three stages with commissioning in 2017, 2018 and 2019 respectively. The project provides for annual production of about 16.5 million tons of liquefied natural gas and up to 1.2 million tons of gas liquid, with further delivery to Asia Pacific and European markets.

The new plant will ensure production and sales of large natural gas reserves of the arctic zone. Within the project framework, it is planned to construct a new motorway of the sea to transport liquefied natural gas to Europe and Asia.

Yamal LNG plant is now under construction. An Integral Control and Safety System (ICSS) for process line LNG 1 is being implemented, similar systems for process lines LNG 2&3 are being developed.

Maintex specialists are implementing Infor EAM 11.2 base configuration at Yamal LNG. It allows to fulfill the following important tasks:

  • Forming a schedule and tracing maintenance costs during the entire equipment life cycle, from procurement to shutdown;
  • Forming a longterm maintenance schedule taking into account many factors;
  • Operational planning based on calendar or service hours, as well as on condition;
  • Designing hierarchy and equipment interconnection;
  • Monitoring equipment maintenance and staff performing these tasks;
  • Management of reserves necessary for equipment maintenance and repair;

It is planned to expand the implemented base solution later and add procurement module features to it.