Exeplant was awarded by Klinkmann for the best project

Exeplant was awarded by Klinkmann for the best project

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09.11.2015 EXEPLANT

The ExePlant company (earlier MES Engineering), part of OMEGALLIANCE® group, was awarded for the best project on the Wonderware MES platform in 2015. The system of operational management of production which is based on the Klinkmann software – Wonderware MES, System Platform and InTouch for System Platform, was implemented at one of the largest enterprises of nonferrous metallurgy.


As a result of the project the solution realizing the material accounting, formation of metals balance and control of work of the personnel was created. The system controls material streams between sites in a section of parties: reception on a site of intermediate products, reagents, its consumption in production, release of finished goods. Control of actions of the production personnel is realized. The system in real time provides the information on the carried-out technological operations, type of the equipment used, amount of the spent time, and also controls observance of sequence of operations, guaranteeing observance of technology by the production personnel. 

In the realized project tracing of movements of parties of raw materials, semi-finished products and intermediate products of high degree of readiness between production sites are provided. For automation of the accounting of the moved parties the system of identification of parties on the basis of bar codes was developed and introduced. Thanks to integration with system of identification of parties and the weight equipment all data on movements of intermediate products between sites get to MES system automatically. It guarantees the reliability and relevance.

One of the most important results of the project is emergence of the tool for calculation of balance of metals on production in a section of sites, shops and all production. Thanks to that data on quantity of raw materials, semi-finished products and production get to system automatically, the balance calculates on the basis of reliable data with absolute minimization of a human factor.
"I would like to express gratitude to our reliable partner, the Klinkmann company for so high award" - Yury Kereynik, the executive director of the ExePlant comments. "Certainly, it is our joint merit. The combination of the first-class program platform from Klinkmann and our experience of introduction of MES gives exclusively positive effect for customers. We hope that the project noted by this award, as well as other our projects will bring considerable effect for our customers. Nevertheless, our team isn't going to stop on reached, we will aspire to that any our project on the Wonderware MES platform could be considered the best."

About ExePlant

ExePlant - the Russian company specializing on creation of highly effective manufacturing execution systems. Activity of the company is directed on improvement of process of management of production by means of modern administrative concepts, methodics and tools. Activities of the company of ExePlant include consulting in the field of operational management of production, implemenattion of the advanced MES, APC tools and adjacent systems, and also implementation of complex projects of increase of efficiency of operational management of production. 
In more detail: www.exeplant.ru

About the Klinkmann company   

Klinkmann — is the official authorized distributor of Wonderware (since 2003), the developer of the most popular industrial software in the world (systems of industrial control system, SCADA, MES, the decision for quality management, the analysis of production efficiency, etc.). 
In more detail: www.klinkmann.ru