JSC Krastsvetmet improve production operational management efficiency with MES solution invensys Wonderware

JSC Krastsvetmet improve production operational management efficiency with MES solution invensys Wonderware

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27.01.2014 EXEPLANT

MES Engineering (Exeplant at present), one of the OMEGALLIANCE® Group companies, was chosen as a contractor to implement a MES solution by Invensys Wonderware at JSC Krastsvetmet. Solution is designed to perform the following tasks: monitoring of production plan completion, material accounting, quality control, control of equipment and personnel performance. 

Implementation of a MES solution at such a large plant as JSC Krastsvetmet is a time and effort consuming process and there is no room for error in selection of software, integrator and implementation methodology which are the principal project elements. For this reason, the decision was taken to execute a pilot project at one of the production sites with full functionality. The refining division was chosen as the most representative in terms of technologies and management.

The pilot project had two goals:

  • Creation of an effective management system for this unique production site to establish material accounting, quality control and equipment and plant personnel performance control at the pilot site;
  • Exercise of methodological, architectural and technical approaches to operational management implementation at a production site in order to use these approaches in the future at other sites.

These goals achievement will ensure that the developed and implemented solution can be scaled up to the entire plant with minimum risks and the set tasks will be completed. 

JSC Krastsvetmet used bidding procedure to compare prospective contractors. After thorough analysis and consideration MES Engineering was chosen. JSC Krastsvetmet had a clear vision of the problems in operational management to be solved with the new system at the pilot site and across the entire plant in the future. In course of the bidding, MES Engineering (Exeplant at present) showed how the suggested solution could solve the key problems, defined by the customer. An additional key advantage of MES Engineering (Exeplant at present) was their vast experience in project execution for chemical and metal industries. 

A MES solution by Invensys Wonderware was suggested as an implementation tool. Its functionality allows to complete all the set tasks on a single technology platform.

MES solution by Invensys Wonderware satisfied such important customer's criteria as:

  • Full functionality and maturity;
  • Extensive support (including in Russia); 
  • Standard integration with ERP and PCS; 
  • Open and flexible platform allowing IT department to be more engaged in solution implementation and support.

To achieve the goals set within the pilot framework, the system should deal with the following tasks:

  • Operational management Plan completion control, material flow control, equipment and personnel performance control;
  • Production process monitoring;
  • Process and production data archiving;
  • Integration with the existing EPR system;
  • Integration with the existing PCS;
  • Current and historical data publishing.

The MES system is integrated with the exiting ERP system and supports the common item listing through exchange of data on laboratory analysis, receipt and shipment of raw materials, components, and finished products. Close integration provides the ERP system with relevant and reliable production data. Collection of almost all the data on material flows and equipment performance is done by the MES system automatically due to its integration with PCS and weighing equipment. It controls raw materials and components consumption, issue of semi-finished and finished products per operation, materials receipt and release at the site, equipment operation parameters, and personnel activities. 

Currently, a system design is created, development is complete, and testing is done. System testing with participation of key users was aimed at design concepts, system operation algorithms, workplace functionality, and integration with ERP and PCS. MES Engineering (Exeplant at present) is now deploying the system at customer's sites. 

Upon project completion and system commissioning, the possibility and necessity to roll out the solution at other sites and workshops will be considered.