Assol company is optimizing of corrugated board production planning

Assol company is optimizing of corrugated board production planning

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03.09.2015 ENTERCHAIN

Modern and large-scale production of a corrugated board and corrugated packaging is a hi-tech enterprise at which the accuracy question, both production planning, and execution of production orders is at the center raised. The competitive environment dictates severe conditions of necessity for optimization of expenses under which capacities of the enterprise have to be involved optimum, and volumes of idle times and production expenses have to be minimized. Seeking to lead management processes at the enterprise to the best world practices, the management of the Assol Company initiated search and a choice of the specialized solution which will allow to provide realization of competitive advantages of the company and effective use of capacities. 

The OMP CSBS system (Corrugated and Solid Board System) was chosen for implementation in June, 2015 as a result of multi-stage comparison of various systems capabilities and parameters of offers from the suppliers of solutions. The solution of OMP CSBS possesses a synergy of the best practices of the OMP company in the field of production planning of the large industrial enterprises and branch specifics. Realizing all advantages of the solution, specialists of the Assol company came to a conclusion that investments into this project will bring considerable economic effect. SCM Engineering company (nowadays "EnterChain"), part of OMEGALLLIANCE® group, Russian partner of the OMP company was chosen as a contractor and possesses impressive experience of implementation of the solution for planning of supply chain from the OMP company and an industry solution of OMP CSBS in particular. 

The customer setthe following tasks which are supposed to be solved within the project on implementation of system of planning and management of a corrugated board production:
  • Use of a uniform specialized industry platform for planning and production management;
  • Use of instruments of mathematical optimization during the planning and creation of cutting;
  • Balancing of capacities of a corrugating machine and lines - uniform loading of the equipment;
  • Synchronization of plans for a corrugating machine and lines, taking into account work in progress level;
  • Increase in speed of reaction to events in the conditions of existence of actual information on production passing.
It is remarkable that in this project for the first time in Russia the specialized module of OMP system providing functionality of quality control of a solid board production, planning of checks, registration and estimates of results of such checks will be used. Within the project tuning of automatic communication of OMP system with the controler of a corrugating machine of the Fosber SPA company (Italy) which allows to make more than 16 million sq.m/month will be performed.

For implementation of the project the latest localized version of the specialized solution for planning and solid board production management (OMP CSBS) will be used. The main goal of the implementation of this solution is effective use of a corrugating machine and lines at minimum possible level of expenses. 

"We are sure that investments into the solution created by us together with the Assol team will bring considerable economic effect in the neareast future" - Sergey Smirnov, the project manager from SCM Engineering (nowadays EnterChain) comments on the beginning of the project , - "Our confidence is based, first of all, on high professionalism and competence of the implementation team from the Customer and openness of the Assol management to implemantation of the best world work practices at the enterprise even during such period of serious tests for the Russian industry, as now."

About Assol Company   
By JSC Assol was founded in 2000 and now Assol is one of the leading producers of a corrugated board and packing products. Production is equipped with all necessary range of the equipment that allows to produce boxes of any sizes and difficulties with possibility of flexographic printing of drawing with 4 colors. Capacities allow to produce 200 million sq.m of a corrugated board and products a year (four-valve boxes, products of difficult carving, supportive packing applications). 
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About SCM Engineering (nowadays EnterChain)

SCM Engineering (nowadays EnterChain) - the Russian company, part of OMEGALLIANCE® group, and specializing on creation of highly effective control systems of supply chains, giving to the companies the unique and hardly copied competitive advantages. We implement the best world practices of supply chain management, we adapt for conditions of the Russian market the modern administrative concepts and techniques which successfully proved in the West in the field of Supply Chain Management. We help the heads focused on strategically significant business results to turn the chains of deliveries entrusted to them from a source of expenses into a source of competitive advantages. The EnterChain company is the exclusive representative in the territory of Russia and the CIS of the leading international companies submitting the best solutions in the area. 
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