SCM Engineering and Arckhbum continue cooperation in production planning automation

SCM Engineering and Arckhbum continue cooperation in production planning automation

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17.01.2013 ENTERCHAIN

Following the successful implementation of the OMP Corrugated and Solid Board Solution at Arkhbum's production site in Podolsk and in order to extend cooperation between their companies, SCM Engineering started deployment of an advanced planning system for corrugated board production at Arkhbum's production site under construction in Istra. This project will unify planning solutions at two Arkhbum's sites and support transition to central planning of those sites' capacities and order allocation between the plants. This will optimize utilization of capacity and resource consumption, reduce labor intensity and increase transparency of planning at these two sites. Eventually this all allows Arkhbum to gain undeniable competitive advantages and improve customer service as well as increase transparency and manageability of the production process. 

The launch of the Istra site is planned for the beginning of 2013. The plant is expected to gain ambitious objectives: at the first stage it is planned to produce up to 200 million m2 of corrugated board per year and in the future to increase the output up to 400 million m2 per year. As at first the products from the new plant will be supplied to the customers of the Podolsk site, central planning of the capacities of the two plants is of the utmost importance. 

Possibility to perform central planning was one of the main criteria taken into account during system selection. The second requirement was the possibility to integrate with the Russian ERP system, 1C. And the third requirement was the possibility to optimize the production plan in accordance with a set of criteria both in terms of planning&scheduling and operations. The only solution in the Russian market corresponding to all these requirements was the dedicated OMP Corrugated and Solid Board System, a leader in the European market, deployed at more than 200 corrugated board plants all over the world.

The following top-priority objectives were set before the project began:  

  • possibility to develop a production plan at optimum costs with account for numerous criteria and constraints in place;
  • integration with the Ducker-Ascor conveyor system, the BHS corrugated board machine and 1С 8 (import of data on client orders, inventory, production processes, and export of data on production order and raw materials demand);
  • management of capacity utilization and backup;
  • optimal cutting layout for corrugated board machines using the available paper;
  • modeling and following plan-fact analysis of operation plans for corrugated board machines and process lines;
  • automatic collection of data on actual plan progress for online visualization and reporting.

In course of the project implementation, SCM Engineering experts will conduct current state analysis, develop a solution concept, set up the system, train operators and commission the system for trial and commercial operation in accordance with the applicable method for OMP system deployment.
The system deployment will reduce the product cost through minimization of total costs, streamline planning of capacity utilization, improve operational efficiency of management through providing required information on production processes in real time, as well as minimize human errors. Timely provision of information on required stamps, cliches, inks in accordance with the production schedule for each machine as well as precise prediction of the order completion time allow the company to maintain the customer service at a high level.

Irina Galakhova, Director of Arkhbum's plant in Istra, comments: "This project will help the plant attain the planned production capacity as it automates all the planning stages and collects production indicators allowing us to reduce the production cost and improve productivity and competitiveness." 

Anton Shmatalyuk, SCM Engineering CEO: "This project continues our cooperation with Arkhbum's plants, and we are glad to see that the implementation experience and results gained following the first project became a solid ground for cooperation between our companies. Hopefully, this project will be easier to implement in some respect as our companies established a good relationship during deployment at the Podolsk plant, but at the same time it will be more interesting as we are planning to implement new optimization methods to provide better management.