ABI PRODUCT improves inventory management with help of SCM Engineering

ABI PRODUCT improves inventory management with help of SCM Engineering

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15.08.2012 ENTERCHAIN

ABI PRODUCT specialists have been trained by SCM Engineering to use advanced methods for inventory management.   

ABI PRODUCT is one of the biggest meat-packing companies in Russia with end-to-end production and sales cycle. The company is well known as a meat products manufacturer who uses innovative approach to marketing and production. The company created a novel brand of ready-to-eat meat snacks "Goryachaya Shtuchka" (Hot Stuff) with corresponding trademarks "Chebupeli", "Sosisony", "Belmeshi". 

SCM Engineering conducted express audit and found out there was an area in supply chain management with a big potential for development and improvement—inventory management. Thus, ABI PRODUCT decided to train employees of ZAO RLC (Regional Logistic Center), the company's distributor in Russia. 

The training focused on advanced methods and tools for inventory management used by global industry leaders, including methods for calculating optimal operational and reserve stocks and algorithms for correct allocation of responsibilities for inventory management. All the topics were supported by real ABI PRODUCT data. 

Director of the transport and warehouse logistics department at ZAO RLC, Anjela Novikova: "Company's intensive growth and development require a matching management system. In our business, supply chain management is crucial for gaining competitive advantages. During the training conducted by SCM Engineering we learn about modern methods for inventory management, and that helped us develop a plan to modernize supply chain management."

SCM Engineering CEO, Anton Shmatalyuk: "Complex integrated supply chains of production and sales companies today cannot do without high-technology methods and tools, since their lack will lead to significant increase in operational time and huge errors due to low accounting accuracy and inconsistent information. That is why today supply chain management improvement is one of the most popular strategic initiatives." 

The training was the first step towards cooperation between the two companies. The next step is going to be a seminar for top managers covering the entire production and sales planning cycle and process modeling and development of integrated planning KPIs.