SIBUR holding improve efficiency of maintenance solution

SIBUR holding improve efficiency of maintenance solution

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06.03.2013 MAINTEX

Maintex announces corporate training in asset strategy management and efficient use of the EAM solution by Infor at SIBUR Holding subsidiaries as a par of the program "Implementation of Best Practices to Sustain Assets". The program expansion results from iterative development of the asset management system and holding maintenance concept.

Methodological component of the training included training in strategic approach basics for asset management using best practices, RCM (reliability-centered maintenance) analysis, and effective maintenance planning and organization practices. The curriculum also included maintenance efficiency assessment and weaknesses analysis for the existing holding maintenance systems as well as vibration diagnostics and non-destructive testing for monitoring equipment state.

One of the training goals was using full capacity of the EAM solution both by top management and operation control specialists of SIBUR Holding. Competence improvement of the plant personnel in terms of EAM system utilization is aimed to deal with the following vital tasks: higher asset availability to increase product output, more efficient asset monitoring and repair scheduling, and rationalized support of asset management solution.

To maximize the effect of EAM solution by Infor, KPIs for the SIBUR Holding head office, which collects critical maintenance data from its plants, are developed. These indicators enable to assess maintenance system performance across the holding.
"The corporate training at SIBUR holding was based on strategic approach to asset management and whole new vision of the automated maintenance control system not only as an automation tool but also as a tool for daily maintenance performance control at all managerial levels," comments Roman Romakhin, Maintex CEO. "We are hoping that this move to the next level of maintenance management and EAM solution utilization, as well as the existing knowledge base, will help this leading petrochemical company optimize the holding maintenance system and get required financial results."

The program "Implementation of IT System and Maintenance Optimization Methods", developed in 2008 to improve asset utilization efficiency and reduce loss of profits, covers 11 SIBUR Holding plants.