Administrative Performance

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Operations Management
  • Increase of a synergy and harmonization of intra corporate interaction.
  • Decrease in influence of "a human factor";
  • Increase of an adaptability of the company to changes on the market;
  • Ensuring top management with reliable and timely information about the productions having impact on business;
  • Ensuring unity of production and business goals;
  • Improvement of quality and efficiency of administrative decisions.
Asset Management
  • Optimization of organizational structure of the services involved in processes of maintenance of fixed assets;
  • Ensuring unity of maintenance policy and business goals;
  • Change of culture and approach to management of maintenance and repairs of the equipment.

Supply Chain Management
  • Increase of accuracy of forecasting and planning in a supply chain;
  • Reduction of cycles of replanning;
  • The best feasibility of the made decisions on all supply chain;
  • Increase of level of service (timeliness and completeness of execution of orders).
Manufacturing Execution Management
  • Increase of customer loyalty level;
  • Increase of production process information transparency level;
  • Development and realization of key indicators of efficiency for production divisions and the personnel.