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The ExePlant company offers the world best practices of production management and modern approaches to production management adapted for conditions of the Russian market which were successfully proved.

Certainly, highly effective tools which will allow to realize concepts in practice are necessary for effective management of production. In our projects we use only the proved tools which were already approved on a large number of the enterprises and already incorporated the knowledge accumulated by many manufacturing enterprises and experience.

Our projects highly effective concepts of operational management of various capital-intensive industries — MES (Manufacturing Execution System) are the cornerstone, of APC (Advanced Process Control), Calculation of material balance and identification of production losses, Detailed scheduling of chemical and petrochemical production, and Energy Management. 

the staff of the ExePlant company consists of more than 30 highly skilled, highly specialized and unique consultants possessing considerable practical experience of increase of efficiency of production customers due to implementation of the advanced techniques and tools of operational management.

Main goals of optimization projects of manufacturing execution system:

  • Improvement of mechanisms and instruments of production management;
  • Creation of the highly effective manufacturing execution system allowing to adapt easily production for the changing conditions of the market and flexibly to react to emergency situations on production;
  • Increase of level of client service due to realization of the principle "production with the demanded quality in the necessary volume to the demanded term";
  • Stabilization of quality of finished goods at the expense of an operating control of quality at all stages of production;
  • Decrease of refuses, losses and other production expenses;
  • Increase of production productivity due to identification and elimination of "bottlenecks" on production;
  • Increase of overall performance of the equipment at the expense of on-line of monitoring of its loading and use.