Anton Shmataluk

MOSCOW: +7 /495/ 787-71-77
SAINT-PETERSBURG: +7 /812/ 676-61-62
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Graduated from the State University of Management, faculty "Information systems in management", the specialty "Economist-systems engineer". In consulting business - since 1998. I was one of the first consultants adapting ARIS methodology for carrying out complex projects on organizational transformations, modeling and optimization of business processes of the Russian companies. Took part in quality of the expert or head in 30 projects on strategic management, development of systems of the balanced indicators (on the basis of the Balanced Scorecard technology), optimization of processes (including managements of chains of deliveries), to statement of requirements to information systems, statement of systems of process management, management of operational risks in such companies, as: Sibur, Alfa-Bank, Moscow International Bank (Yunicredit Bank), Vympelcom, AVON Russia, Daimler Chrysler, Russian Aluminum, etc. The author more than 20 publications in periodicals. Has a 10-year teaching experience in area management of chains of deliveries, process management, optimization of business processes, creation of Balanced Scorecard system, management of operational risks, a choice and introduction of information systems.