Soteica Visual MESA L.L.C.

Soteica Visual MESA L.L.C.

MOSCOW: +7 /495/ 787-71-77
SAINT-PETERSBURG: +7 /812/ 676-61-62
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Soteica Visual MESA L.L.C.

30 Years Serving Our Customers

Soteica Visual Mesa LLC (SVM) is a leading provider of energy and emissions management-optimizer, production-yield accounting, supply chain scheduling and crude oil, gasoline and fuels blending optimization software solutions for the oil, gas, petrochemical and district energy industries. With headquarters in Houston, Texas and major offices in Argentina and Spain coupled with our global alliance with Yokogawa Electric, Soteica Visual Mesa provides software technology, applications services and customer support to top companies worldwide.

VisualMesa energy management and supply chain management solutions provide state-of-the-art software technology systems to solve every day operational issues. SVM has implemented more than 20 production accounting projects. VisualMesa Production Accounting system is widely regarded as the best technical and user friendly solution in the market. Many top companies around the world use our production and yield accounting and mass loss detection solution. This well-established technology provided the core system for the development of our supply chain scheduling system.

VisualMesa Supply Chain Scheduling is a full feature scheduling system that supports End to End refinery scheduling from Crude nominations to ship-jetty scheduling, multi-parcel pipeline scheduling, process scheduling, blending optimization and blended product distribution to the refinery’s terminals.

The VisualMesa Energy Management and Optimization solution is the industry leading engineering model based, real-time optimizer specifically designed for industrial energy systems. With more than 70 implementations, it is the only system available that is robust enough to be used in closed-loop operation at major refineries. VisualMesa EMS helps reduce energy spend and optimizes plant utilities within emission constraints, such as CO2 and NOx.

Soteica LLC and Visual MESA LLC Merger

Soteica Visual Mesa LLC was formed in 2012 from the merger of Soteica LLC and Visual MESA LLC.

Soteica LLC

Soteica was founded in 1984 to provide world class process industry software solutions to the refining and petrochemical industries. Soteica is one of the most experienced technology companies providing production accounting solutions worldwide. Dozens of systems have been implemented at refineries and petrochemicals worldwide. Based in part on the Production Accounting software and a decade of consulting work in refinery scheduling, Soteica brought a comprehensive refinery scheduling and blending optimization software solution to the market and is being recognized as a market leading technology.


The MESA Company was formed in 1982 from early works at DuPont. There were hundreds of MESA energy models constructed for plants across America. In 1997 the Visual MESA product was commercialized based on incremental work at Chevron. Today, the Visual MESA Energy Management and Optimization solution is the industry leading engineering model based, real-time optimizer specifically designed for industrial energy systems, with more than 70 implementations worldwide.

Branding and Product Naming

Bring together two strong companies presented a need to redefine the company to maximize the technical and business value of the two organizations. The new company flag ship brand is VisualMesa™, so this branding is associated with each company product. The classic Visual MESA Energy Management and Optimization has become VisualMesa™ Energy Management - Real-Time Optimization, S-TMS has become VisualMesa™ Production Accounting, and S-SOM has become VisualMesa™ Supply Chain Scheduling. There are a number of new products in the works that will further enhance our ability to deliver greater value to our customers.

Yokogawa Alliance

In February 2013, Yokogawa Electric Inc. announced the addition of Soteica Visual Mesa's best-in-class energy management and optimization solution services to its portfolio of plantwide energy management solutions (EMS). Yokogawa will provide this new offering to its customers through its strong sales and service channels. Yokogawa has also acquired 44.3% ownership of Soteica Visual Mesa to accelerate the joint development of EMS.